Hello my friend :-)

Today I started on this little journey 🙂

I found this weird green colour just to get started with this page, but already I got used to the old-style-look and simplicity of this start-design… maybe I´ll keep it…

the important thing for me is to get started to fill out these pages with exercises !!!

The idea is to have a library of solfeo-exercices we all can axess and use in our daily practicing.

In the beginning I will only write the exercices, but very soon I hope i´ll find the time to record them and provide some loops, where i´ll even sing them (sorry in advance 🙂 )

Right now i havn´t got the contact form made yet, but as soon as it works, feel free to contact me if you want…

Hopefully in a couple of weeks this site will be a useful workingtool for both you and me…

so long

Boye 🙂

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