Hi 🙂

My name is Boye Strothmann and with the Absolute Solfeo homepage i would like to share this working tool, called fixed solfeo, that (amongst many other tools) hopefully will have a positive impact on both your and my own musical developement.

The main idea is to provide a library with a wide variety of exercices that can be sung and/or directly transferred to your instrument. (Please note that this might be a concept that works less well for transposing instruments, where the written notes and their names don´t correspond to the sounding notes).

The page is „up and running“ already, but not really filled with all the content yet…

So the design AND THE CONTENT will be very much a „provisorium“ for a little while, since i just started…

But hopefully in a month or two this site will be up and running, filled with helpfull content and looking good/better 🙂

My goal for this is: march 1st 2022

Until then just ignore this site or use it knowing that all the missing stuff and errors are part of the process 🙂