To write down and record ALL scales starting from ALL 12 notes, would probably take me months and be a quite confusing collection of syllables.

So in this part i decided to try to present a fairly big amount of scales starting from DO all together, so we can get an idea of the differences between them… … maybe (but only maybe) i will try to transpose them later…

Exeptions from this lazyness of mine are the minor scales, which I might write in all 12 keys and also the blues scales. The later ones I will write for the most common keys musicians usually play on a blues-jam.

Bonus: Since i am a big Allan Holdsworth fan as a listener, i thought (as a little experiment) it would be fun to notate „his“ scales as he explains them in an instructional video… we will see if they can be of any use for us, haha… 🙂